fireworkswithme-05 fireworkswithme-02 fireworkswithme-01 fireworkswithme-06 fireworkswithme-03 drill-03 fireworkswithme-08 fireworkswithme-04 fireworkswithme-07 001 – Fire Works With Me

001 – Fire Works With Me
Various dimensions
Self Production

FIRE WORKS WITH ME is a limited series of ceramic vessels, the result of a personal research and experimentation on the archaic techniques of pottery.

The secrets of the most ancient process of transformation of matter that humankind has ever mastered and the use of fire, have fascinated me deeply and driven to try.

The fundamentals of this project are hands control and manual skill and the awareness of the negative consequences implemented by an insane use of technology: the progressive loss of knowledge and abilities as such as the pressing dialogue between the mind and the hand involuted these days.

Experience firsthand the ancestral relationship between man and fire, a key element of this process, has taken the flavor of a collaboration. I entrusted my work of curious human to fire, and I was watching.

During the first phase of the project, I have experienced different soils and different mixtures, obtaining interesting variations from the standpoint of both chromatic and material. I decided to use a land available on site, which I personally collected and purified to make it workable.

Through an ancient Etruscan technique called a "wick" I made seven pots soft shapes and rough surfaces, as if they were stones. The geometric covering achieved through ligatures with hemp rope is a reference to the ceramic tradition of the city of Grottaglie, Puglia. Specifically, the "pignata ferrata", a traditional ceramic object used for cooking food on the fire.