chisels-01 knives-03 chisels-03 drill-02 knives-02 drill-03 mortar-03 drill-01 mortar-02 mortar-01 drill-06 knives-04 chisels-02 drill-04 knives-01 drill-05 002 – Dear Hands

002 – Dear Hands
Wrought Iron, Wood, Calcarenitic Stone, Rope
Various dimensions
Self Production

The objects of the series Dear Hands were not designed as their realization was not premeditated but rather spontaneous and direct.

They are simple and imperfect tools, inspired by local tradition and handcrafted with traditional techniques.

The fundamentals of this project are hands control and manual skill and the awareness of the negative consequences implemented by an insane use of technology: the progressive loss of knowledge and abilities as such as the pressing dialogue between the mind and the hand involuted these days.

The primitive nature of these tools, simple and corporeal, accompany the viewer to investigate the nature of the material and the process through the sense of touch. The brain acquires incredibly precise sensor data through the hands, a good starting point for the development of physical security.

I was fascinated by the beauty of the material, observing how time and climate exposure could have shaped such chromatic changes and natural textures on the surface of the blocks. I noticed indeed that the arrangement of the blocks in the piles leads to different exposures to the elements for the material determining thus different levels of oxidation and formation of mosses and lichens on every single block.

The imperfection of these tools allows you to use them as multipurpose tools. The adaptation used to match the unexpected contribute of them is effectively useful to hone manual skills, capabilities and a vision to coach an intuitive thinking aiming to achieve unique productive results only.