Cosma Frascina

Cosma was born in 1989 in the city of Grottaglie, Berlin's wall was falling and fading while The Simpsons were airing and rising.

Grows then in a narrow minded provincial village, gets fascinated by abandoned and forgotten places. His sight is analytic and curious, hyperactive and restless lives a prolonged and intense adolescence.

Graduated in Design at ISIA in Florence feels like slowing down his life pace focusing on his own ideas. Goes back home. Fixes an old space where to set and work, wins his fear to make mistakes and builds his self knowledge on constant trying. The lack of tools while working resulted in a pleasant rediscovery of traditional artisanal techniques and natural materials.

Handwork crafted his material consciousness more visceral with hands now more robust and intelligent.

Winter sea and surfing strenghtened his spirit.